Ellen Degeneras is Racist. Why you should never apologize to an SJW.

Hello friends, did you know that the Special Snowflake Safe Space Squad is back again!

Im triggered
Check your privilege, white bread!

Yay! Oh happy days, happy days! I swear, it’s almost like these people have nothing better to do but just be pissed off by everything in the universe.

Alright Snowflakes, educate us on what triggered you this millisecond! Could it be the clouds perhaps? Or Oreos? Or your waiter at Wendy’s being a white man?

Why they mad now?

I’m going to start off assuming that you all know who Ellen Degeneras is. Famous TV host? The girl who came out of the closet on TV years ago? Yeah, there you go.

Ellen got into some hot water when she tweeted a photo shopped picture of Usain Bolt, famous gold medal Olympic athlete from Kenya. The picture portrays here riding on his back and the tweet said this: “This is how I’m running errands from now on: #Rio2016” Obviously joking about Usain Bolt being one of the fastest runners on the planet.

Now I don’t personally find Ellen all that funny, but I get the humor behind this tweet. Sure, it’s humorous, that is assuming you don’t have a Gender Studies degree stuck up your ass.

The Triggered Tri-Force of Tinkerbells got their braless sagging titties all up in arms over Ellen’s “Harsh reminder of the oppression of the Black Race!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHH! You privileged, white, CIS gende.. oh wait.. You disgusting Honkey, white bread, red neck, Cracker bitch! AHHHHHH AAHHHHHHH!” They sip chocolate milk from their “White Male Tears” cup to calm themselves down before they have a brain hemerage. It would be funny, except that it’s 99% accurate, now it’s just sad…

No, I’m kidding, of course it’s funny! Watching a bunch of white hating cry-babies tripping over their own dicks to invent problems, claim that they are speaking for an entire group of people who they don’t represent and have never asked for help in the first place, and then wonder why nobody likes them.

But ok, enough ranting, I want to focus on how Ellen handled this. She handled it really well. In direct response to the racism allegation, she tweeted: “I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country. It is the furthest thing from who I am.” Ok, not bad. It’s not really about what she said, it’s about what she didn’t say.

What I mean is normally when a story like this happens where the SJW’s get triggered on Twitter, you always see the celebrity in question coming out and kissing their asses and begging them for forgiveness, and how “I never meant to hurt anyone with my regards! I never knew my words were so hurtful! Boo hoo hoo!” We’ve seen DC do this with Batman: The Killing Joke. We’ve seen Marvel do this with the X-men Apocalypse, and literally HUNDREDS of other examples. But Ellen did not apologize to them, at all.

And what did Usain Bolt have to say about all this? What did he have to say about the horrible, unforgivable actions of Mrs. Degeneras?..

He found it pretty funny, so much so he Re-Tweeted it… Hmm.

Thinking face

 Let me see if I have this right:

So Ellen is racist for supposedly portraying Usain Bolt as a “Mule.” But yet, Usain Bolt, the receiver of the “racism,” found no issue with it whatsoever. So if that’s true, why is she a racist again? Which is more likely:

That Usain Bolt is compliant with the “mockery” of his own race?

Or could it be that the self hating, overly emotional, crybaby dipshits who can’t go 15.5 seconds without finding discrimination, have once again shit themselves in anger over something so minuscule that they don’t even realize that it’s a slap in the face against ANYONE who has suffered against ACTUAL RACISM!?

Yeah, I thought so..

I’m proud of Ellen for not apologizing, because she has NOTHING to apologize for!

I hope she has got the ball rolling on the concept of not apologizing to these fascist, hypocritical, crybullies who wouldn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

You should never apologize to these people, ever! Why? Well, let’s put it this way:

  1. These people want to destroy racism by being racist. Let me remind you many of these SJW’s SUPPORT racial segregation!
  2. They want to completely censor anything they don’t like. If this post proves anything, they can be offended by anything for any reason, meaning they want to censor literally everything.
  3. They believe women are an oppressed group who need help and deserve love, then bash Ellen cause she didn’t agree with their hate speech.
  4. Everytime a product or movie had been reworked to not offend the SJW crowd, it has sucked 100 million dicks. i.e. Ghostbusters (2016)

I could go on forever, but the point is that these people don’t deserve to be catered to. They hate EVERYTHING! Nothing you do can ever please them. They hate you, they hate me, they hate sunshine and flowers and unicorns and candy and smiling babies cause they all promote the patriarchy or some stupid shit like that.

Worst of all, the thing they hate more than anything on the planet is themselves. The White SJW’s hate themselves for having ancestors who were slave owners 150 years ago and the minority SJW’s hate themselves for being oppressed and having to be around the white people who subjugated their ancestors 150 years ago. What makes you think you could please these people!? It’s impossible!

They want to end the Systematic Racism, but they’re too stupid to realize that THEIR OWN IDEOLOGY is the biggest problem.

How do you stop them? Easy, don’t give them any power.

SJW’s are hated pretty much everywhere that’s not Twitter, Tumblr, or a college campus. The only real power they have is with social media. SJW’s are bullies, but not like the bullies who steal your lunch money, instead they cry at you and call you a racist in front of a big crowd of people and expect you to apologize, even though you did nothing wrong. Their most popular strategy is to put someone on the spot and make it seem like they were in the wrong by crying Racism, something that everyone’s against. So then they crack under pressure in order to save their PR and not be branded the toxic “Racist” tag.

Being innocent or guilty doesn’t matter. If you shout anything loud enough and long enough, it will be believed. Huh, it’s funny, I could swear that there’s a certain dictator who used the same idea. I just can’t remember who…

Hitler man

Anyway, that’s all I have to say on that. Hope you learned something valuable. Don’t ever apologize to an SJW. I’m Molina Saxton, have a nice day.



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